San Jose, CA, Nov. 14th, 2020

HomeGuardian-19 total solution for COVID-19


COVID-19 Healthcare-kit

Total solution for COVID-19 self-healthcare—providing you both mobile App and device to maintain your healthy living.

COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge problems in every area of people’s life. People are afraid of COVID-19 infection, which has strong spreading ability and high mortality rate.
To fight against this virus, we Manifold Health Tech with abundant experience at developing disease based digital solution, have developed an App – HomeGuardian-19 to help people everyone in need during this COVID-19 pandemic.

HomeGuardian-19 is an App that provides the total solution for users to achieve COVID-19 self-healthcare, which includes symptoms-checker and visualized health data management. We also offer connections to different measuring devices, which can automatically record health metrics without manual input.
Providing you both mobile App and hardware device to maintain your healthy living.

Many people don’t know the symptoms that need to be aware of and have no idea how to monitor their health status. Facing multiple choices on shopping websites, they are unsure which device meets their needs most.

HomeGuardian-19 is designed to solve all the problems we have just mentioned. Our App integrated your digital health data and hardware device recordings and organized them into your personalized history record (PHR), easy to track and monitor your health status. You can recognize the slight changes in your body through trend charts and seek for medical assistance on time. You can also carry your PHR and discuss it with your doctor. With more detailed information, you and your doctor will be able to communicate more efficiently and effectively.

All the effort we spend here is for your health and safety.
Your health is the most of our concern. Stay healthy, Stay safe, and let HomeGuardian-19 help you.

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